23 May 2007

Cat crochet disturbia.

I just wanted to supply proof here. That I do own a cat-I also own barn cats but they are more difficult to photograph, they always think I am coming with shots when I try to pick them up-and I do knit. OK. Part of that is a lie. But it is true that I have done crochet once. Twice, if you count the half crocheted corn yarn hat. OK. Part of that is a lie. The corn yarn hat is not even half done. But I did finish this red one. It took me about 6 months and Lexi calls it "free form". It is a little bit like those little strawberry caps gradmas knit for little girls. I do not have a talent for crochet, and even less talent for knitting which really didn't make any sense to me at all. I am better with glue.

Because half of my readership has cats and knits. And the other half doesn't. Now I am sort of more balanced. I know some people might read this because sometimes people order Team Small Dog shirts. Although I am running out of almost all the sizes, I think I have only 1 in each size left in fatigue, and a couple of each in red. Boy were those a popular way to lose money! A true collector's item. Order the rest up while you can. Back in the days of what perhaps was the first blog, the Very Popular Laura's Data Entry Gossip Newsletter circa 1995, I had a very large amount of readership. Since hardly anyone was in the internet then, I also provided it via email. I wish I had saved Timmy's first website when he was cyberTimmy. But there are lots of things I wish. That's when I used to give out free handpainted stickers. That always said Timmy. Life was so quaint back then. My celphone was the size of a beer.

In real estate news. That house that was on Cox road in Aptos is now relisted. That was the one that listed the house and the driveway for $899,000, and the front yard, aka the Meadow, for $899,000. Now you can buy both pieces, the front yard and the house and the driveway for $1,295,000. That would be a cool one point three million dollars. I liked that one. When I thought it was the house and the front yard (it's about 4 acres total) for nine hundred thousand dollars. Which was still out of our price range! The ad calls it flat. Part of that is a lie. It is flat where the house is. The meadow is a slope and would require considerable grading and retaining walls. Kaching!


pluckyfluff said...

um...laura- something about that picture is just wrong. really, really wrong. i mean- yes, it proves that you have a cat. but i think it also proves that you are NOT a cat-person. which is ok. certain traits are linked in our DNA supposedly, like knitting and cat loving, applique and dog agility, cake baking and sleep disorders. you see what i mean...

team small dog said...

I don't hate cats. They are very good for catching the rats! I have 2 nice cats at work that I keep in the storage container where the grain is and the big rats. Cats are good when you have a nice storage container to let them sleep in. Or hay. I think of cats more like employees. But I love applique!!!! I was thinking the blogging required cats and knitting.