12 April 2007

They guy was reading stuff too.

Last night at 4am, the guy going through the recycling was also reading things out of the cans by flashlight, in between getting the cans out and putting them in his sack. He was really big. I didn't really think calling the police was the right thing to do, because he was probably just a can guy. The flashlight reading was kind of strange though.

Last night at agility I taught an extra class because the Real trainers all went to the Big Dog Show. I'll go just on Sunday. All the cool kids go Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If you are a real agility person, you take work off or you are retired. Many people that do agility are old. I am like young and I am almost 42 and have gray hairs.

My small dogs were fast and did a good job. I could tell you everything that they did, but that is why most agility blogs are pretty boring. Who cares. They ran some courses, did their contacts, Ruby had a smokin' dogwalk, Otterpop was pretty darn fast, and I made a few errors. Then we had to put everything away and I was really, really sleepy. I got home just as Lost was ready to start but I fell asleep before it ended so I don't know what happened. Maybe Claire died. Vincent, the dog, is only a character some of the time. It seems like it would be a hard life for a lab on a tropical island with monsters.

This is Timmy's 7th day on toxic Lysondren, a sort of chemo drug to shrink the benign tumor that wreaks havoc on his pituitary. He isn't having a good day today but I took him out to the park and he walked around some. Every other day til now was a-ok, in fact quite smashing. I talk to the vet a lot. In fact today she brings out her little girl for a riding lesson, so I can talk to her even more. It's all pretty subjective though, probably what it means is that he needs to go in for the $300 blood test tomorow. I always think, what would Omar do in this situation. For a stick up guy with a sawed off shotgun and long coat, he seems like he always has a pretty good plan and a lot of integrity. Likely he would rob someone to get the $300. He must make buckets of money robbing the stash houses, but I think he gives most of it to Butch, the old blind bartender with the Jack Russell.

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