11 April 2007

Might be construed

These things could possibly be construed as dog training:

Dogs must wait in a sit at top of the driveway until their name is called with their release word to run down to the car.

Dogs must sit quietly outside while I fill up all the food bowls until their names are called, usually in random order or order of who fidgets the least, to come in and get food out of their bowl only.

Leave it at the park in reference to burgers, chicken-both KFC and raw, human shit, taqueria dumpster food, dead animals, crazy guys, firefighters putting out fires started in trees, unidentified stinky things that smell rollable.

Go get the frisbee. Bring it back. All the way back. Drop it. Catch a cookie in your mouth.

Close-walk exactly next to my leg and do not stray away if we are walking near where the crazy guy across the street has dumped a mound of raw chicken and fish tails in the park.

Go get in your cage, when I get to the barn and let them out where they are not allowed to be, and they run up to the office to their crate. Poor damn dogs at the barn.

Get away from that cat food. Doesn't work. Bad dog training.

Shut up stop barking goddamn it now shut up! Also doesn't work, bad dog training.

Glamorous things I did yesterday:

Wore dirty jeans that were dusty and had some kind of oil spill on one leg because they didn' t make me look fat.

Select outfit's shirt based on being top of stack in armoire. Select long sleeve shirt to go over it based on same thing.

Select socks due to fact that they are same style-I buy 2 styles from target-white short ones and white really short ones, it is a challenge to get a whole pair that is either just short or really short.

Look at hair, wish hair girl would call me back so I don't have to look at my hair. It kind of could not look worse, and bad hair does nothing for the wrinkles and bad skin and bags due to sleeplessness under eyes. Sleepless comes from one dog, beloved Timmy, who needs to get let out at least once every night.

Talk one barn customer down off ledge of insanity from having way too many horses and not knowing how to manage them, her whole life is many cooks in the kitchen and I am not even really her trainer. She was crying, and the end of the story is she wants to put 2 of her horses into a trailer and take them to a bad shoer at a bad barn. Stop the madness.

Deal with one passive agressive mom, don't call back another passive agressive mom who calls at night to see if she can reschedule her kid's lesson. Horses don't grow on trees, just because it's spring break doesn't mean the seas part and horses come out of the woodwork on different days for your kids to ride. If you don't own a horse, it has to happen on my schedule.

Give a lot of shots and pills and things to horses. Will Jane back to soundness. She isn't horribly lame but sure isn't sound.

Feel many minor power struggles brewing. Vow to just let it all go and try to do what is right. Be less of a control freak. Yeah right. I feel my chest constricting just thinking about this.

Go to Trader Joes at night when I am tired and just want to lay around and fall asleep. This makes me so glad I don't have kids, I could see all these ladies in there with tired kids and the ladies looked so tired and I bet they haven' t made dinner either and they have to go do that and then probably a load of things for their kids. I just have dogs that need pills.

Just not that glamorous of a day. Thank god I am not the star of Entourage.

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