25 April 2007

Gandalf with an attitude came knocking.

This little white haired troll like guy came to the door to solicit money for something about missing children. He was brave and tiny like the hobbit movie, he actually had to make it through a dog gauntlet in the yard (thank god no one bit him and liability lawsuit) and then encountered more barking at the door. I tried to just send him away and he wanted to argue. Since he looked like a tiny version of the gandalf of the hobbit movie, I tried to banish him by casting my arm out like I was having a spell and he wanted to keep arguing about how nice it is to have people come and sell you things, even good causes, at night at your door. So finally I just banished him by saying "away, away" and then he thought I was crazy and left and no one bit him on the way back to the gate.

I am a mean person but I didn't want to argue with him about why I didn't want to give him money. He seemed like a mean person too. We clashed. But don't clash with me when my dogs are all out and wanting to bite you!

Timmy is having a bad day and doesn't want to eat so I gave him some steroids! He loves the steroids! I just gave him a little but I am sure he will be crazy by tomorow but at least eat. Just need to find some middle ground for poor Timmy.

I have been getting better at leaving voice mails in spanish for people, since I've been trying to round up the guys to help us move this week to the new ranch. The one we are renting not buying. We are almost out of the old ranch, by next week it will be the distant past and I will drive 45 minutes to outer Watsonville every day but I will also be closer to all things dog agility. We are moving over the weekend, and it is my dog club's dog show that I hope to at least run the dogs in on Sunday and help out at. It's a busy week. We are down to only 6 horses, from the 18 we moved there, so it won't be too hard to move, I hope. I will be able to practice with the dogs more at Dee's once we move since it's 5 minutes from her agility field. Actual dog practicing!

This is on the fancy pants mailer I just made so people know we moved there and will become our nice, not problem causing customers that pay on time.

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