24 April 2007

The coffee, it is everywhere.

Where was the dog agility this weekend? Not at my house. We had a houseful of toddlers and vicodin. Coffee, straws, and stickiness everywhere. This is like a big huge dog party for the dogs. The children trail food everywhere they go most of the time and the dogs just follow them around and eat. Otterpop looks like a huge fat oaf right now.

Here is a typical day in Santa Cruz, this is exactly how everyone believes my life truly is. Wake up. Whenever you want. There is no alarm clock! Leisurely drink coffee outside in the garden. There are no weeds there and many flowers and birds! It is ok to leave coffee everywhere you want because it will be cleaned through the magic! Once you have sat around long enough, it is time to go to the beach. Go there and have fun, it is a beautiful day. The dogs will frolick and you will view the Whales! Come home and it is time to take a trip to Downtown to have lunch. At a restaurant. And there will be a perfect parking place that is waiting for your car. You will park there and on the way to the lunch buy things at the stores of Expensive. Urban! I shop there every day, and throw whatever I get there away in 3 days because it is disposable and made by the cutest of the fingerless slave children. I buy scented lotions and oils at the smelling store! Then stroll to the lunch where a table is waiting and I pay with the $100 bill I have in my wallet.

Then it is time to go to the Boardwalk, where a magic parking place so close and for Free is waiting once again. And the rides are cheap and you are the only one on them. And can go twice sometimes for free. No one throws up and the ice cream looks like jewels when it melts everywhere. No one is sunburned and hats await anyone bald that match their outfits. And just by shooting pirates it is possible to win free prizes!

It is possible things may digress from there. But when you live in the land of Vacation, that's all anyone needs to know.

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