10 December 2006

Why it stops then starts

I think a Lot of blogs do this.
Mine has to do with the real estate. It freaks me out and I stop. And it freaks me out I write about being a weird dog lady. Do you understand the weird jeans? When you wear jeans that are not good jeans but bad jeans. That would be weird jeans. It isn't really appropriate to write about them or wear them.

So let's catch up, friend. It's raining here now. It's December! The holidays. This holiday season I am not inspired. I am working on some real estate dealings but not to buy. That is just not happening at the moment, I go back and forth between freaking out about never having my own ranch and being OK with it, really. Like Ok in a Tony Robbins, positive thinking way for like 5 minutes. And then I try to Christmas shop for like 5 minutes and it's all over with. I think my attention span is exactly 5 minutes. Unless I am making a picture in the computer.

Isn't this blog about agility? We are on break from our Wednesday classes, which is sort of nice to have more of a normal life. I had a lesson with Jim, he thinks I do a fine job overall but with many flaws but not the doom and gloom I describe to him. Otterpop is still somewhat insane, she may not be a real genuine show dog for a while. Ruby will resume her show career this spring, unless I always have to work on Sundays, which is a distinct possibility in my future. We'll see. Work should not erase my agility career! I should be practicing with the dogs, but i am not.

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