26 October 2006

santa ana wind

am outgrageous sick of a cold and brain in a fog. the wind is up even though here we do not have santa ana's but that's what i'm calling it. i am home for the morning, no agility today because i cannot breathe. last night i tried to do agility with my new short glamour hair and a cold and it didn't work well and i went home. i know because of the cold but some people probably thought because of the hair issues. the cute flippy bangs, didn't think. oh well.

why did i report this news to lisa? this was the news i thought of at the moment.

We are all pretty good except i am sick right now so am postponing going to work as late as I can. The other dog is Ruby, she is the agility champ! otterpop maybe will be an agility champ someday, she is fast but man is she a little hyperactive brat of a dog. timmy is good! he is always good, he is almost 14 years old!

What have I been doing. I have been desperately trying to buy a ranch in Santa Cruz county. Really hard, we get outbid or discover horrible flaws on each piece of property. Have been at it for almost 2 years. we found our DREAM PLace this summer and another bid came in at last minute $200,000 over the price so we did not get it. So this pretty much sucks but we don't want to move to Oregon or somewhere like that. We did have a field trip to Joshua Tree/Yucca Valley but Gary finally vetoed that idea which I really liked because we could buy a ranch with cash there.

Our beautiful perfect barn was sold 1.5 years ago and I am working out of a crappy barn I hate but it's the best I can do without owning one. This is a long and complicated story. But I am really into having a lesson program and my horses and doing some training but no more fancy horse show crap. But with nice horses and teaching people to ride to fancy horse show ability. I am keeping it hanging on w loyal customers even at the barn I hate and just hoping to make it thru another winter til I can buy a ranch I love and Gary loves.

And i teach dog agility one night a week and am super in to that still. it is something i can aspire to being better at.

I guess i may be an artist too, of real estate flyers and posters! but they are not for art world here they are all right here on my table, i am just not really interested in art world at all, a lot of people i know now that are succesfful artists hate it too, i think that happens to people. i really love teaching horse and dog stuff, that is what i want to do and art projects i can keep here. i may soon have enough posters for a book, i think i may be making a graphic novel but it will only live at my house! i try to keep am's free if possible no more graphic designing unless am super huge pestered and need some more $ so i can make more posters and have nicer ranch. i use printouts and pens and goache paint for the posters. they are probably not good art but that is ok i am not in the art world!

gary is good, he wants a ranch too very much but must be near the mt biking. he is about the same. mt biking and cd's. he does not buy into my whole ipod world, he loves cds.

laia is a senior in college. she will graduate, sociology and french major. now she wants to go live in paris and teach for a year, go to grad school and become a preschool teacher.

jacob just started san jose state after many, many years at cabrillo. he wants to be a lawyer and is also a domino's pizza delivery guy.

i know an ok airedale but it would not be my first choice dog. attached is photo of batman who i really want but gary begs and pleads no more dogs no more dogs. he is 7 years old and weighs 4 lbs and is a kind and gentle soul and is in the hospital now for a crushed pelvis. when i have a ranch i can have soooo many dogs! also i would like a llama for lawn ornament. and many deer antlers on a roof. it is all planned if we can just goddamn buy it.

i am surprised squeak remembers me, hey wait of course she does she stole some idea i had!

pretty much i am obsessed with ranch buying. maybe i should clarify, a nice flat and sunny field of over 2.5 acres with a house that is not too crappy on it with neighbors that do not hate horses and a driveway that is not steep up a mountain side. that is all i ask. for under 1 million dollars of money. probably we could buy 8 ranches in st louis for this much but you know, we just really like CA.

do you watch deadwood? i love deadwood to watch anytime anywhere. and project runway.

recent idea is to eat macrobiotic food because somewhere our diet turned into gary's food loves and all we eat is pizza and fries i think now and i feel crappy and sick and now i want to just start eating raw vegetables only.

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