07 September 2006

Ridge Ranch

We looked at a ranch high on a ridge. Ranch is pushing it. It's a huge summer horse camp that we can maybe park the horses at for the winter and spring. Summer is tenuous. Not even sure how it will hold up for the winter but it's a place that seems free from the horse rescue hypocrisy and crisis situations. At least it seems hopeful. Lots of distance to go before it would work.

I can tell I am a wreck when boy and puppy stories just get to me. The little boy in the hospital names his puppy, his only friend, a tiny chihuahua Chemo, it gets stolen out of the car on it's way to visit him then is returned unharmed. End of story. Except boy still has cancer.

Off to Palm Springs and Pioneer Town tomorow to rent a truck to move the booth to perhaps take up all space in my garage. Not fun. But the booth has to go somewhere. I hate that booth. Good thing I am deciding to become a decorative painter in my new ridge top money losing ranch life and not a regular artist that makes more giant booths.

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