25 September 2006

Here's What Happened

The problem being, it ate some posts.

I got mad. I didn't post. It was colorful and eventful and I didn't post.

I am going to catch up quickly now. Ready Set Go.


Burned up. Dusty. Hot but not too hot. Full moon. Joshua Tree.
Pappy and Harriet's Bar. Gram Rabbit. John Doe with Camper.
Cracker. Racoon. The guy is playing bass with a trucker hat and airwalk sneakers and dancing like a madman, and they are both overweight and would be icky anywhere but in the bar.
Bottles in the wall. Jessica from Gram Rabbit's in the bathroom. All the time.
Walmart. Morongo Valley. Yucca valley.
Gary won't live here.Weird stuff in Joshua Tree, enough to make it livable.

Palm Springs:

Moved the furniture. Sat in the pool. Otterpop swam. No dogs lost.
Said goodbye to the big fancy house. Put the stuff in the truck and drove home.


Vacant horse camp. Busy in the summer. Run down and remote.


I need a truck. F250. Nice big truck. And a trailer. I look at trucks now.

Bonny Doon:

This house came for sale. Woody and beautiful and teensy and cozy and we could afford it. On 2.4 acres. Far up in bonny doon. Very bonny doon. Horse ok.

Neighbor issue-here's the email I sent Chris:

So D., who lives across the street on sunlit is in the bonny doon rural assoc and he was the nicest neighbor! He was great. No issues w horses. His ex wife had horses and she now lives in Corralitos with her 18 horses. He was super nice and really great. Older UCSC professor. We talked to him seperately and he warned us all the neighbors surrounding the house do not like the horses.

I think this comes down to an issue of horse people vs. non horse people.

M. and K. live just past the house, we saw K. in her driveway. J. lives across the street from them (she called Frank). They HATE the horses. The neighbor on other side of house, closer to the driveway also hates the horses. I didn't write down her name.

M. is a huge asshole. Number one issue is that there were never horses there. It was a nice meadow (??). He has lived there for 8 years, this is his dream house and it doesn't matter if it is zoned for horses. They should not be in a neighborhood setting like this. It doesn't matter if there are other horses on the street, these horses are right by his house and it is unpleasant in all ways to have them there. It is a health hazard, it is ugly, it is loud, it is dirty, there are drainage issues and it is just not right to have them in a neighborhood. He wIt was pissed. He kept saying, I don't want to scare you away from buying this house but there should not be horses here. 2.4 acres in his opinion is not enough acreage to have any horses in a neighborhood no matter what zoning is.

They all feel that the neighbors should have asked them where they wanted the barn to be placed, how many horses they would like (M. thinks if new people have horses they should not have more than 3 even though 4 is legal), etc etc. He said he thinks maybe it would be possible for someone to move there with horses if they redid the whole thing, made it better and had fewer horses. His wife thought we seemed nice and maybe if we moved there we could all work on a horse plan together. (Over my dead body would I go near M.-total asshole, K. the wife super passive agressive and creepy but seemed like trying to mediate the whole thing, she feels that the owners should have consulted more with the neighborhood to check in w their feelings and needs and based horse setup around that). He kept saying he is not trying to scare us away from buying the house but just wants to make sure we know what we would be getting into. He is really super worried about the winter with the drainage because they did not do any drainage studies to his knowledge, just brought a bulldozer out and did all the grading right after moving in (that was a huge mistake, this whole thing was like everything Steve Graves has worked with me on, getting the grading permit even when flat, etc.). He is worried about the drainage into his property when starts raining. Which is valid. But honestly, that was a small part of it. J. lives far from the horses-kitty corner across the street, house way far back from road. She called Frank and she is up in arms ala M.

They (the 3 sets of neighbors) are all kind of in an alliance. They will not hesitate to call the county at any point. If they ever saw a 5th horse come on that property again, they will call the county immediately.

It was really, really ugly. They were not mean to us, just giving us good heads up as to what has happened and where it is going. They want all the horses out of there. I do not want to become the next ambassador for responsible horse owners. It is going to be a losing situation up there no matter what. I have a feeling that it is going south right now-when they were all out there poking around since it was an open house and saw the manure pushed up close to the property line, they got extra pissed (I think that is the seller's drainage berm-I think seller clearly is an idiot and could have avoided most of this, honestly) and it just is not going anywhere good.

Also WHOLE house built without permits!!!!! It was a tiny cabin, where living room is now. Basically tear down over foundation. Not a permit there. That would be very exciting if county ever came up there!

Mark that built it went crazy and was setting fires up there and shooting off guns a lot when his girlfriend died, he built the whole thing. Don who likes horses seemed glad to have him gone because he was ok before he went crazy then the crazy was very bad. The other people think the horses are much worse than Mark.

Frank Murphy said yes, the discolosures are that the house has no permits and that the neighbors have big problems with the horses. The sellers need at least 818k and will stay there if they do not get the price. Did not mention anything about the dad living there, just said they want to move to sonora w their kids and will just stay and visit them if they don't get 818k. I told him we are not interested anymore because the neighbor thing is way too volatile. He was happy to give us any neighbor contact info, etc. to get in touch w other neighbors we didn't meet and to have us talk to sellers directly if we wanted but I think we are done with that place.

It's a bummer. but you know, it had the other flaws. I really think house was too small for us. We are saying here every day, we want a bigger house. We could have made it work but how do you ever remodel a house w/o permits? And it is just an ugly enviro on that road. No matter what we did, it is not going to work for malcom and he is not going to sit back and let it be.

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