16 August 2006

Championship Tattooing by Klem

I have been working on my team timmy tattoo. I just can't get the drawing quite right and it has to be perfect if it is a tattoo. Now I am thinking perhaps this would be a good career change, to tattoo artist. Since the ranch thing continues to kick me in the ass. I suspect I am realizing now, in my forties, that I am a kicked in the ass kind of person. As opposed to the one who does the kicking. I heard I should open myself up to limitless possibilities. Perhaps if I had a team spiritual counselor and life coach, things would be better. Instead I work on tattoo artwork and stalk the internet for cheap enough ranches.

Team practice is relegated to a walk to the beach and stick throwing. Everyone is entered in the Grand Prix in 2 weeks and we have not been practicing. Hence, I am setting myself up to be kicked in the ass. I hope small dogs kick their own ass. I also looked at what I was wearing just now and it is a crazy person outfit! Baggy and frumpy and old lady weirdo ranch outfit. It's obviously fun downward spiral week! .

To look forward to and be grateful for. Project Runway Night. Dog Agility Night. Tattoo drawings. Water snacks. Self Spritual Counseling.

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