14 August 2006

Baby Party

Yesterday I went to a baby party. Toddler, small child really. I felt obligated. The guests were divided into 2 piles-those with babies/toddlers/small children and those without. Those without chit chat about things they can think of, and those with chit chat somewhat about non child related items but keep an eye on child at all times then basically go back into chatting about child related things. There were small and very tasty child sized (diet!) cupcakes and also I was useful for putting together a puzzle. My eyes are good at seeing which puzzle piece goes where quickly.

When I commented on how shy 2 of the kids were when they cam to my non-baby party, I was told it was because of "My Dogs. Not all Dogs-just Your Dogs". Oh. They seem to gang up on prey on kids who are not sure about dogs, they form a small pack and demand their food. Kids lke Pixel who are used to dogs become their friends and are in high demand for throwing balls around but non dog friendly kids are just a source of party food apparently.

The team is not down with non ranch living life. It has been hard to go back to crate dwelling and walks on leashes. We did our latest ranch looking over weekend with very little success. We visited a friend's ranch-mansion house for sale for over 2 million smackers, it is set up to hold 3 horses. It is remote and a dog paradise. All for only 2.3 million dollars. The realtor did say it was a tad overpriced and should sell for more like 2 million. Such is life.

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