10 July 2006

team small dog rides again

It's possible I have one of the only small dog agility blogs that covers an equal interest in fashion, celebrity stalking and taxidermy. I feel like there are not enough blogs like this! Dog agility is a fabulous, under utilized fringe sport that could be embraced by more people! More people that might want to be my friends! What is sexier than a dog lady with 3 small black dogs and a pocketful of plastic bags! We could come up with much better outfits and go on the Oscars! Musicals! Sparkley things!

I do try to be a good agility person. I even teach a class in it. I bought sporty addidas pants. Me and the team do our best. Ruby is sometimes a very fast super star of agility, and sometimes she gets pulled out of Important Classes like the Grand Prix. Or the second round of Steeplechase! In front of the border collie people! Otterpop is very fast and a hardy competitor until we get to the competitions and she is scared of the judge's glasses and spooks and barks. I think people might laugh at us sometimes at dog agility. We are on the uneven side.

I subscribe to Clean Run magazine but it is a little boring to me. Once me and Ruby's photo was in it! I am not a good practicer of agility exercises. But I like to do so many other things. Like go to the flear market! Ride the horses! Paint deer postcards! Move my furniture around! Go out to lunch! I have a short attention span. We have been told we cannot be the big dog agility winner, champion of world teams and so forth without practicing. We have no grass though, and at the barn the dogs have to stay in their pen.

I am possibly not that great of a dog trainer. The dogs don't always stay in their pen. Otterpop can climb out of it like a monkey, using her toes. Ruby has stealth powers that take her down to where the horse shoer works. They don't neccessarily listen to me. I could not have a dog whispering tv show. I couldn't even have a horse whispering tv show. But I would rather have a tv show where we visit home taxidermists around the country in an airstream trailer and go to lunch at diners! With the team.

Welcome to my blog.

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