12 July 2006

Ranch Dressing

It is possible I have found the team a potential ranch. There are no fences and it is on a very, very busy road. There isn't a single ranch building either. I would have the honor of building all of these things. Even though it's out in the country it's on the busiest road there. I managed to find the best potential ranch spot, in the county that still has freeway noise! There is something about the fact that it is in a Gulch. But it is Cave Gulch! A gulch named after a cave is a very positive sign in my book.

Tonight is agility night. It's at a ranch located between the freeway and the dump. It's just hard to have the perfect ranch. We have to move all of the heavy agility items from the trailer into the dressage arena. It is nail breaking work. At the end of agility night, we have to move everything back. And there are owls in the rafters that send poop squirting down as well. I think some of these facts make agility somewhat less glamorous than Tour De France! But there is no drug testing in dog agility! It is a sport that can even involve cocktails! And drugs for the dogs!

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