12 May 2019

Dog agility, not just the new black but a lucrative lifestyle for the rich and famous.

Business plan mission statement number 4.

Red black red black red black red black. Have a weak cocktail in a plastic cup and throw your chips down.

Business plan mission statement number 5.

Dog Agility Judge: You get some airplane tickets and a modest motel paid for, usually sharing a rental car with others; traveling somewhere you probably wouldn't go otherwise, and standing in the ring for 8-12 hours for a couple of days waving arms and yelling. You have to buy your own whistle. I believe it to pay approximately $200. Oh, and they take you out to dinner. Actually fits perfect with my business plan.  Even better is the grueling course design marathon to nest courses of appropriate level with the correct amount of tunnels and the expensive a travelsome class you have to pass first located in Texas next week. Even better!

1 comment:

Helen said...

You want to be a judge? I give folks a lot of credit for being willing to take on the role but it's not for me.