07 October 2018

Turlock Oct USDAA and why is she named Banksy?

Why is she named Banksy?


Who else could she possibly be named after?

Turlock USDAA. Drive fast, get there, run a beautiful jumpers except for the part where I send her to a wrap by saying OVER, which she takes literally, because she's 4. And a trained dog now. Over means jump that thing there and not turn. So that's what she did and then took the next thing too, because OVER. But gosh darn, the rest of it was so spot on and so fast.

Then a beautiful snookers. I wish I had video. I made a plan inspired by the worlds in Sweden and sent to some far things to do 2 (7)s in the beginning and had some trickiness to get my plan. It was great and she had the last bar on the last jump of the 7 combo in the close. But I thought it was a great run anyways. Banksy is amazing. And I didn't drift off any of the backsides, so that's getting better, for now at least. A work in progress.

Grand Prix. She's beautifully trained. So something I did turned her too wide on 2. No video to know what was this thing I did. I got rushy, because we had to beat our friend Snips to get the bye I wanted. And when I got rushy, I said right-tunnel at jump 4, instead of just right, and, being the literal genius that Banksy is, righted to the tunnel. She's amazing. I have trained her well. But she doesn't yet have a feel for when I am just joking and telling her the wrong thing. Rest of the run was amazeballs. Nice dw!

Then we went home, which was a good thing because the sky was on fire and my phone was buzzing by the time we got home. The end of the story was we did NOT have to evacuate the horses and it was not on fire up the road. But the beginning of the story it was and it was awful there for a while and I sure can't wait for the rain to start.

And to set up some sequences from Worlds in Sweden. Oh my! We did try one of the weave entrances before I taught Saturday class. It took a few tries! Oh my. A lot of inspiration and a long ways to go. Maybe I need to focus on just saying the right words! Or into the shredder I go.

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