05 June 2018


Mostly, Gooey is tired. He needs to sleep a lot still. He sleeps in late, goes to bed early. I think some of it is that his diet isn't quite right yet, I'm working on getting him back to eating what he should.  But at least he's eating. The other of it is, I think he's just really tired.

He's a little worried of things. A little jumpy. This isn't surprising, I'd be too. We keep a close eye on him. I took him up to the school where he was found yesterday, we walked back out to the deck, now I know exactly where he came up from the creek, he had taken the easiest yet furthest path, it pops right out at the deck. It's a bit of a project to get to that path, but he knows all the ways to it. He came up out of the woods from where it wraps around, and that was the first place he saw to go to rest or hide or die, maybe all of these, I don't know.

He wasn't happy to be there. He did know exactly where he was, he perked up but in a worried sort of way when we walked down there. I won't make him go back there again.

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Anonymous said...

during sleep is when the body's energy can be directed to maintenance and repair. that's why it's so essential to our well being, and such an important part of the healing process. i'm so glad he feels secure enough (after all that trauma) to relax into the healing sleep he needs. thanks again for all the updates.