18 May 2018

Goo, whee.

I hope someday soon to get Gooey's happy face back!

The hospital has it's ups and downs. He won't eat for the nurses, so every morning and every night I get to spend a couple hours with him, figuring out things he'll eat. Last night was a bit of a down, there is something new wrong with him but hopefully not too serious.

So far, must be ice cream first. The hospital frig has his little carton of his favorite high end fancy ice cream. Luckily Gary did all his ice cream training before this happened, so we can get him going with that. He seemed a little sad and uncomfortable, maybe from this new neck or esophagus or whatever is happening thing, but he ate his ice cream and a little baby food and even a few crumbs of Charlie Bears and chicken.

He mostly wants out. He decided last night to make a break for it, I had him out to get some nice air in the parking lot. He is sharp as a tack in there, Gooey the escape artist, he saw where a gap in the fence would get him to the hospital neighbor, the most highly robbed bank in town next door. He made his break and took a trip over there.

Luckily he moves slower than the oldest snail in the world right now. But at least he moves! I let him make his break, followed him slowly shuffling to the B of A car park, let him have his freedom for a minute, then carried him back to the hospital. He wants to be OUT. He does not want the nurses to TOUCH HIM AT ALL. Gooey, lover of everyone and everything, now has added some hates to that list. Doctors, nurses, hospitals. He can't even look at them.

Many people have asked to contribute to his expenses. One of my best friends, even though she knows I hate things like this, set up a funding page for him. I am trying to understand, people just want to help, and this is a way they can. She has raised higher than what I hope his bills will cost, my mind is blown with the generosity of so many people. It freaked me out when people started seeing stories of him on news sites on the internet. I don't want Gooey to be news, I just want him to get well. I will donate the extra money to a foundation that helps pay vet bills of people with no means to pay.



Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us up to date. sending love and understanding and healing vibes.

Amy Carlson said...

I am living for these updates.