15 May 2018

Goo, ICU.

Today in real time there was a genuine, muthatrucking goddamn triple toe loop quadruple axle of a miracle that happened. Gustavo is not dead. He is alive.

He is in bad shape, I will tell the tale later. But suffice to say, he got took in the woods by coyotes in an ambush, he vanished without a trace or sound, and he lived to tell the tale. I pronounced him dead because we searched and searched, but knew what happens to little guys in jaws of coyotes. How a little guy like him survives being took into the brambles by a coyote I do not know.

He made his way out, went to the Waldorf School, where the excellent 8th graders found him. They called me, I got him to the emergency vet, and he has a very good prognosis to survive his injuries. They include puncture wounds around his head and neck, broken ribs, bruised lung, something messed up about his liver, infection of gasses in soft tissue near his chest, corneal ulcers on his eye, something wrong with his other eye, and there might be others I forgot. I usually take notes. But I couldn't this time.

It's been a bad couple days. I went from living in real life bad dream to one where my life turned into a miracle. I need a beer. My friend Tammy sent me a whole refrigerator full as a condolence card, but I was too sad to drink them. Now I'm going to go raise a glass to the genuine fact of real life miracles that can happen even to someone like me and Gustavo.


Meecie said...

Much love to you and Gooey, and I hope both of you heal quickly. What a horrible trauma, I'm so glad he survived.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, seriously?! that is the best news ever! I went to bed so sad last night after reading your memorial post for him. He is one brave little toaster. I will be thinking all the best thoughts for his recovery!

Unknown said...

!Hola! Gustavo!!!! All your superfans are rooting for you!!!! You are amazing!!!!

Mary said...

I was so, so sad and I made Gustavo my profile pic and my cover photo on fb but I was still so sad and woke up sad and walked around all day sad and went to the Fells which is sort of like a forest but I didn’t even go into the forest not because I think a coyote would even want Rocket because he has those secret weapon one quarter Mal jaws, and well good luck with Quitte, coyote, but I still didn’t go into the forest because I was just so sad so we ran around in the big field (well, they did) but i was still sad, so even the dogs were all why isn’t this as much fun as usual? and then I went home that is not my home and decided for sure I am going to real home California even if people here change their minds. And I changed my profile pic back because I was just so sad seeing Gooeys little face and I realized how stupid it was that I framed it with little Facebook hearts because the fact is WHENEVER you see his little face there are already little hearts around it - smalzy, but a true fact.

And then at supper last night sneaking a peek at phone during boring dinner with demented one, I spit my food out because of the miracle that appeared across the miles into my Facebook that has you speaking in it sometimes(and this time totally wins).

And don’t be mad at Vicki for starting GoFundMe. It is really a horrible experience on receiving end, but think of poor Meghan Markle and all she is going through with her trailer trashy family in British Tabloids, so be humble and pay Pacific Vet.

So, now, I’m counting this as a good day, and that has broken a trend in my little life, that’s for sure.

And I love you, Laura.

Anonymous said...

so perfect that he found some kids to save him. thanks for the good news! sending best wishes for his recovery! peace and love to the pack.

Jerry said...

So many tears. Sad tears then happy I don't believe it tears.
Buy a lottery ticket, your luck is running strong right now.

Anonymous said...

The stories of your life with your dogs often seems like a fairy tale. Gustavo is a true hero to have fought so valiantly against the real world Big Bad Wolf. He is incredibly brave. Sending love, peace and healing your way.

Amy Carlson said...

This is the most craziness ever. I have never met Gustavo but he seems so much like my Spur. This breaks my heart that this happened, but I see how easy it could. I also walk often in coyote country. It’s a risk we take. I hate to stop and we walked in honor of Gustavo yesterday. I kept my dogs close and brought a “screetcher” and never saw any coyotes. We never do, but we hear them often at night. Poor little guy I am thinking of him all day long and keep checking for updates. What an amazing boy to escape and make it out alive. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tinylurcher said...

Gustavo is the bravest dog I know. Full Stop.
Love and healing vibes from Me, Gracie and Kippers.