12 March 2018

Grand Prix Finals, Day 3.

This was just the best course. It was fun to walk it because I knew it would be fun to run it. It was. Banksy had a bar, we came in 2nd. This is the kind of course I could run all day and so could Banksy. We like wide open spaces and tricky little turns mixed in, this course did not disappoint! And a tunnel start to boot, doesn't get any better. Running this was the highlight of our weekend, even with a bar down.

Grand Prix finals course. A lot of E's. It walked pretty good, but I knew from the beginning we were not going to win or even place. The dogwalk was further to the right, and going to a blank space with a big white plywood wall at the end of the ring. The number 12 jump wasn't anywhere within view for Banksy. That is her worst thing to ever see coming down a dogwalk and she will miss her hit, guaranteed, when it's to a blank space with a wall beyond.

I was correct! There are things Banksy likes and things she doesn't like, and getting her to like seeing this when she's flying down her running dogwalk is something I don't know how to do. I don't like avocados, and no one's ever changing my mind about that. So there.

She had a beautiful run, only four of the 20" dogs made it through. But missed her dogwalk hit. She would have taken 2nd had she not. It wasn't stressful or nervous making to run though, because I knew if she hit the dogwalk contact it would be a complete fluke. Still a nice run, we had a good time, that was that, and then packed up the car and drove back across the desert.

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Helen said...

Those do look like fun courses, tough but not extreme. Congrats to you for doing so well.