10 March 2018

Arizona roadtrip.

Last minute roadtrip to the Arizona Regional! A three day dog show in Queen Creek, southeast of Phoneix. A quick twelve hour drive from my house right to the door of the fanciest Motel 6 I've ever seen.

Day one, pretty ok. Three runs, two e's. They were great runs, though, but for the little e part. E. Big E. One extra blue tunnel in Biathalon Jumpers, one extra jump when I moved too fast and sent her over it in Team Jumpers. Don't e in team. Except for when you do. So we're out of it for Biathalon, and team is another day.

Nice Team Snooker, but I did chicken out and the part where I should have gone 5-5-7-7 swapped into 5-5-7-3. You don't have to do agility to know 7 over 3 is probably better when competing. We did make it easily through the 7 in the close though, so that's fine, probably gave me a somewhere in the middle final score.

Banksy's running great. It's possible to leave dogs in the car all day in the eighty degrees with my insulated car and all the silver shade clothes draping over it. I brought all my own food and a cooler full of ice. But we did go out to Frank and Lupe's fine Mexican dining last night just because. Some of my great agility pals are here and there are flush toilets and coffee for sale three bucks at the on the very plush and dusty horse show grounds.

Off we go to another day!

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