01 May 2017


Ouch. Banksy is still broken.

It all started with her crash in March. I gave her some time off just from agility and sprinting at the park, a couple of weeks. She looked ok to me! So we did some agilities with low jumps, all good! We did some with higher jumps, all good! Until they weren’t.

Her team suspects it's her back. Her team is everybody who let's me obsess over what is wrong with Banksy. Yep, I'm one of those. She has something ouchy somewhere in there, that only feels ouchy when it does.

She’s visited the doctor, she couldn’t find anything obviously wrong. She prescribed more rest. Next on the list is to visit a chiropractor, and after that would be the big guns doctor with all the fancy things.

So another rest, this time a big one. Much longer, much less doing of the things she likes. More doing of the things she doesn't like, walking around on a leash.

Ouch. More hanging out around the house, more of less. Hopefully to get less broken.


Unknown said...

Tizzy was down for quite a while last year with an illiosois injury. It also was hard to diagnose. Ended up going to Ohio State with her. I feel your pain!😥

team small dog said...

Oh gosh I am sorry Tizzy had illiosois injury! I had no idea! I am hoping this is not what banksy has, most people with this had more lame steps from their dogs. I am glad Tizzy is all recovered though!

Jerry said...

I broke Hoku about 6 weeks ago. Not physical, mental. Stepped on him coming out of a tunnel. Agility at home, great. Agility in a ring, no way, head for the gates. Looking for trials that allow training in the ring.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Hope the rest works and she's better soon. -Karla

Unknown said...

Chiropractor made a huge difference for my Condor. We had to take 4 months off last summer, it all started to get better with regular (once a week to start) chiro treatments! Condor has never run better!

Agility Foot said...

I hate to say it, MRI. It's the only way I found out what was going on with Rumor. Redwood City, AnimalScan. It only took me 7 years to do it and I wished I had done it sooner.