16 November 2016

Teaching turns, do dogs need to know an alt-right?

For agility, we have a left and right.

It's pretty easy to teach, I used started by throwing a ball each direction, then I put a word on it. Left, toss the ball, right, toss the ball.

I didn't even know what an alt-right was, until I read about one being inside the White House. With it's own office. I think it's probably pretty easy to teach, probably even while tossing a ball.

From the New York Times:

It's a brand of far-right conservatism that generally embraces and promotes white nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny. The alt-right supports the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants and protectionist trade policies. It opposes feminism, diversity, gay rights, globalism, gun control and civil rights.

In case you were wondering exactly what it covers.

We have a cik and cap too. That's a tighter left and right, to wrap as tightly as possible, turning in the air. I taught that shaping a head turn around a post with a clicker and a cookie, then taught it faster and faster with a ball or a tuggy. Taught it til Banksy could spin around and around any tree or post or jump I'd point her to.

In agility, our alt-left and right. Wrap and run. In agility, we like to go both directions evenly, work on the turns til they both go on to perfect lines. More like a yin and yang. In real life, doesn't work like that, more like a pendulum that swings both ways.  Swinging hard, swinging fast, swinging way past that last jump.

While we were at the park with the tennis ball, or spinning around trees near the creek, a great divide opened up, where everything only turns one way. Being immersed in dog spinning, didn't even notice. And now we'll see what happens when something big only turns one way.

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