10 November 2016

Cynosport Day 3, moving onwards and upwards.

Trying to move forward.

The dog show is a big distraction. To prepare for the third day, the second day had smiles. There was less weepiness. It is also very easy to write off a mess up in Team Snooker by looking at the big picture. I think that I'm not alone in looking at agility in a larger context. Sometimes we can shove our heads up our asses looking at minutae. This week, it's a distraction. The full reality will hit later.

Team Standard was hard. We did our best. My brain melted down for a moment, causing a refusal, and a bit of a chain reaction, so not clean but not an E and I was still happy with our run. It was fast and I was able to show Banksy tight turns and good lines. And the dogwalk part was hard.

Maybe someday we can  be perfect. I'm grateful today to be here with my dogs, that is a true thing.

Scottsdale is a good place to be to prepare for the worst. It's tightly sealed in, walled off and sterilized. People spray for bugs here, and no one goes out during the day on foot. The freeways are bountiful, each shopping mecca and office park is named Centre, with hints of Frank Lloyd Wright abounding. When zombies attack, or the sea rises or chemical warfare hits, this is probably an ok place to be, here in what is actually a Pink State, not all the way red.

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