27 October 2016

Gustavo has twice as much awesome as could ever on this line no matter how long or tall or fat the line could be.

Gustavo is amazing. He is one in a million. One in two million. One in all the millions.

I don't try to get him to Q in agility anymore. His training is a thing of the past. His requirement is that he run just how he wants and go his fastest and think that he wins.

Gustavo is supposed to be dead by now. Ha HA! Take that liver sickness. Gustavo is extremely alive.

Gustavo ran out the gate at 5am the other morning. It was dark and wet and he found a party! Of cats! The black and white stripey kind! Party like it's 1999! I retrieved him and locked him in a crate and went to the store to buy the skunk potion, Dawn dishsoap, baking soda, peroxide. He sat in there without a peep til I got home. I doused him and he felt fantastic.

There is nothing but fantastic in his life.

His love of squirrel chase has rubbed off on Banksy, now she chases squirrels, too. Gustavo thinks this is amazing and the best and he loves to have a friend! She does the same thing as him. I let them have a little chase, then I call her in first, she runs back, then I call him.

Here's how you call Gooey.


And he runs back as fast as he can. Every time.

Gooey has all the friends. Everywhere he goes, he collects a new one. He has the most friends. He'd never vote for revolution. He dusts everyone with his good vibes, they shed off him like pixie dust and he's coming over to meet you. He meets the mean pit bull. He meets the scowly guy that carries the scary stick where he goes. He meets the cop. Everyone gets some dust, and their day improves, even if by only a quarter of an inch.

His agility job is to run fast and do tunnels and teeters and poles while Banksy practices staying. Oh, that stay. Gustavo thinks this is fantastic. Do you know what else Gooey thinks is fantastic?


Every night he sits on my lap. He's the official lap dog.

Every night he sleeps in the bed. He's the official bed sleep dog.

Every day he is perfect. I can't believe my luck, that I ever got a dog such as Gustavo.