04 September 2016

USDAA Western Regional :: Day Two, Eees.

Here is a thing not to do, to E.

Here is where I E'd. Biathalon. Last weekend, we won it. But our runs this weekend were even more lovely, each with a problem. I weirdo dogwalk in the Standard, where I think she couldn't see me since I got behind. A wide tunnel with an off course jump in the Jumpers. But both runs made me so happy, how Banksy and I did everything else just right! So we're getting closer. These were hard courses, we just weren't quite perfect.

Where else did I E? In the Team Relay. The course had a running dogwalk with an off course jump straight ahead, and Banksy is hard to turn off the dogwalk. So E. I had a great and understanding team, very important to have the right team, team Exit Through the Magic Shop. I also learned that if I go first in a relay, Banksy isn't crazy. So easy! So first it is from now on, even if we have no good turns off the dogwalk.

She had awesome team jumpers and snookers runs, I did manage to get a turn off the dogwalk in her snookers to save the day. But an E in relay, that kind of does you in. I was the weak link of the team for sure.

Monday morning, both Gustavo and Banksy will run in the Steeplechase Finals, and Banksy will also run in the Grand Prix. I discovered that even with my abduction in the first round of Steeplechase, standing out there in the middle of the field spinning donuts with my brain slate wiped clean, we still came in 2nd place. Gustavo just squeaked into his final, running his very, very fastest. Gustavo's 10 years old now! He loves running in finals with cheering, so I'm glad he gets to do it another time.

Banksy's qualified for the Nationals, we're not going. Too far away, to the great state of Arizona. The whole thing of the Regional is to get your byes. We're just in it for the running. Another long day, coming up.

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Tracy said...

So much not weakest link! Her fellow 18er-with-a-running-dw wouldn't have gotten that hard turn either. And she was such a chill little Banksy running first.

You, the little foxy coyote that could, and the little black dogs are a fantastic group with big hearts and lots of love.