04 September 2016

USDAA Western Regional Day One :: Alien Abduction

Team Gamblers. Where I was not abducted by aliens.

So there I was, in the middle of Banksy's amazing Steeplechase First round. Right about in the middle of the course, for approximately 84 minutes, I was transported via tractor beam to an alien ship. The abductors had large gray heads, skinny bodies, giant black eyes and suction cup finger tips. I was contained, questioned, probed and injected. According to space time, I was in the ship for 82 minutes so I guess the transporting bit took 1 minute each way.

When dropped back down into Steeplechase First round, I had no idea where I was. Ripple in the time space continuum. Blank slate. I stood there dazed for a few seconds, then picked an obstacle and went for it. We muddled through a bit and out. According to bystanders, my body never left the field although what happened was obvious. I lived to tell the tale.

Gooey ran the same Steeplechase round prior and neither of us suffered through the same fate. He had a great, fast clean run.

I E'ed in Team Standard, worst sin imaginable. Was a great run til I made an error. Oops.

But we won the Local Grand Prix. Yay!

Day 2 coming, more team, Biathalon, Relay. My big goal is to remember to eat some food, especially if we're running until 7pm again. Off we go!


Jerry said...

Watch closely at most any trial--it happens. Your'e just brave enough to talk about it.

BTW, "A specter is haunting dog agility." LMAO I wonder how many get the reference/joke?

Terry A said...

Yes, food would be the smart, alien-repelling strategy!