29 August 2016

How tired is tired?

How tired was I after the dog show this weekend? How about too tired to go see X at the Catalyst? With Mike Watt openng. That's pretty tired, and pretty pathetic. I'm sure John Doe didn't miss me, but I missed him. Because I was asleep on the couch by 8:30 or so. The lifestyle path of dog agility, it's a different one than I used to travel, that's for sure.

But see how fast I was running? And Gooey had some runs where I was running just as fast and so was he. And those thousand trips to the dumpster with all the garbage cans? Where I was definitely not running but carrying a bag of garbage across the parking lot counts as something.

Gooey had an off course in exactly every run. But he ran amazing. Just his jumpers and steeplechase. He touched his hairy little foot on a pole base on Steeplechase, so that was it for him and the poles. But I am always proud of Gooey, pretty much no matter what he does.

Banksy was amazing. All the startlines held, until almost not held on the last run of the weekend. Many Qs! She won Biathalon, both her standards, got a superQ, won some jumpers, had some other beautiful runs with one bar and one refusal in Grand Prix. No crazy ass pants behavior, we had calm sitting outside the ring before her runs, an amazing feat and one I'm glad she learned before next weekend's giant Regional with team and 5 rings.

Hopefully the startlines are as amazing then, too. I'm ready for a nap. I think the next one I can fit in my schedule's in about 2 weeks. Extra coffee and off we go.


Terry A said...

I think i heard sparkly fairy dust music during some of those running contacts. awesome!

Agility Foot said...

Laura, you have yourself an official agility dog! Super!