03 June 2016

“It’s going to be a big, fat, beautiful wall!”

I took Otterpop to see Bernie on Tuesday. She mostly napped in the basket on my bike but I woke her up when he got out of the truck to speak, we were outside the stadium but he gave everybody outside a mini speech before he went inside for the big speech. So she was tired, but I didn't want her to miss something historic. We've never had a presidential candidate come to our neighborhood before. Bernie's a nice man, he wants people to have access to things like health care and education. He believes in human rights for all humans, no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or income level, and he wants to help stop climate change.

We didn't go see Trump. He was in San Jose last night. Not exactly my neighborhood, but I drive over there for agility class every week. Otterpop would probably like Trump. His platform's based on hate. He's a pompous, vulgar, racist demagogue who cares nothing about the planet as a whole and if he was a dog, he'd probably be like Otterpop. Someone that likes to bite everybody else just because they're an asshole. We already have an Otterpop, and I keep her in a basket on my bike and away from everybody else. She's carefully managed under my control most of the time and isn't allowed to just run around and be a jerk to everybody. Let's do the same thing with Trump.


Anonymous said...

Come, don't be subtle. What do you really think of Bernie and Donald.

Anonymous said...

Don't dare compare Otterpop to Donald J(ackass) Drumpf! I don't care how many people she bites. I'm a bit disappointed she didn't get to bite him, but she might have gotten sick and he would have sued her for not treating him fairly.

Otterpop's fan in Texas. And probably the only person over the.age of 30 in Texas who's "Feelin' the Bern"!