19 June 2016

Hot hot hot usdaa.

Usually it's not too hot in Prunedale, summer home of local USDAA trials. Today it was too hot. So hot that at the end of the day dragging garbage and packing up rings into trailers and tearing down the canopies, I realized what was too hot. This was it. Global warming, this is probably your fault. And I'm still driving my piece of shit super polluting VW so, what can I say. We have majorly messed up as a society, us humans.

The dog agility? It was an interesting bag. Banksy's really fast. I think she's getting faster. I would come out of the ring, after an error riddled run, and be greeted with many remarks about, "Wow, she's fast." And sometimes, "She's so pretty."

I think that's after a run that involved the wrong tunnel. And had a bar. Or two.

I haven't trained the fastness good enough and I don't handle the fastness good enough. There in lie the error riddlings. We have a great many things to work out. Or else just have really fast runs where she selects the wrong side of the tunnel or the wrong tunnel or has a crazy a-frame or hits some bars. That's how it is for now, but I would like to keep the fastness and add some more cleanness.

Every run had some spectacular pieces to them, far more spectacular pieces than pieces of shit. But a low Q rate, that was for sure. All her Qs fit into one of my pockets. Even with a bar she had an beautiful Steeplechase first round, then I messed up a tunnel/aframe discrimination in the second round. A bar in Grand Prix. A SuperQ in snooker, then not a super Q after the calculations got recalculated. A bar at the end of a flawless jumpers. So that kind of weekend.

It doesn't make me sad. If it keeps happening in a few months, then I might be sad. Banksy's a really good girl, she goes where I tell her and I tell her to go on the wrong line quite often. So there. You go.

Gustavo had 2 nice jumpers run, one was in the hot hot hot and I had to wake him up from a sleepy day in the crate and send him out into the hot, he ran fine but not his super winningest self. The super winningest self run had a wrong tunnel but I told him he was the WINNER!

He told me he wanted some more runs in the morning. So next time, some more runs in the morning it is. No hot runs in the afternoon, please.

Which was exactly how I felt, the last couple of runs. Kind of funny in the head, kind of vibratey, kind of like laying down in the shade with a big slushy glass of cold anything. Poor Gooey, if that's how he feels on all the hot days, I need to keep him in a vat of water or something. Banksy was even able to lay ringside, in the shade of the score table, and lay there for quiet a while with pretty good behavior.  Heat is amazing, what it can do.

We all survived, we have another trial in a couple of weeks. Three days, maybe more heat because, global warming. We'll try again, we'll try our hardest, and we'll see how it all goes.


Agility Foot said...

You can keep up with your fast dog. Love your BX's!

Tracy said...

We need a slushy machine for the July 4th event.

All the cool kids no Qed on Grand Prix. Or at least that's what Gnome told me. ;)

Terry A said...

ha! it seems the more amazing the dog, the longer the period of playing catch up, the better you get handling her, the faster she gets, but since you're still such a young team and still evolving, she is still always a step or two ahead. i'm sure you know that but just reminding....

Mister Bunny said...

Such pretty dog walks!