13 May 2016

The big new fence.

This is our friendly, neighborhood school field where we go to play. We are actually criminals when we're there, because dogs aren't allowed. The school's closed down, so it's mostly just people playing soccer, homeless people sleeping in nooks and crannies, and neighbors throwing balls for their dogs. All are criminal activity, officially.

Here's a security cam video still of some criminals. The thing is, the more of this criminal activity, the less of the drug addled kind that goes on where the people sleep near the buildings.

We all have been sharing, and it seemed like an ok thing to me. Except they put a fence in today. It's almost done. Inspired by Trump's refugee wall of vacuum sealed USA. All the criminals, including the dogs, don't get to use the field any more. This is where baby Banksy learned to cik and tap. Where she learned left and right and go by and away around the trees and the backstops. Where I drag my weave poles out to for practicing the hard entries. Where we all go and play ball and work on stays and run around and then lay in the shade and take rests. And especially, play ball.

Yep. You heard me Otterpop. We have just lost our ball field for good. No mas. Big chainlink fence. Nobody gets to use the field anymore.

That's what I said, too, Otterpop. $%#@&&*!!! Muthatrucking asshat foodtrucking muthatruckers. Another special neighborhood spot, gone in a blink of an eye. This is just where we walk to and chill and play ball. Doesn't everybody need that in their neighborhood?

We don't need much. Just some space to play. This on the tail of our princess neighbor yelling at us to stop talking in our own backyard. "Stop talking!" she cries from her window which is basically in our yard. Don't let the dogs bark, wouldn't want them to have any fun in your own backyard.

Our open space keeps shrinking and shrinking and shrinking. Once it shrinks all the way, there won't be nothing left but little shriveled up sad hearts, driving everywhere on the freeway. Driving and driving to find the space that might not be anywhere, anymore.


Tammy Moody said...

Oh Dear F@%K. I was just there with you what, two days ago? They fenced it that quickly? What now? that was a sweet little spot for you and the dogs, with a secret back exit, dammit. I am so sorry Laura. Tell Gary to retire quickly and I will start looking for property up here for you two. Sigh, I am so sad for you, and I still think your neighbor needs the tiara you found.

team small dog said...

Yes!!! A new giant fence almost completed fences it from the tennis courts and skateboard park and dog area which is technically for on leashes anyways. Where i bring my weave poles!!!! Now we will be dog park dogs. We tried it today. It sort of sucked but actually it was ok. Mostly Otterpop does not like the dog park. I put Princess's tiara on a succulent for now. Because I am a grown up!

Unknown said...

Utah has loads of space....