27 May 2016

Rehearsing a behavior, trying to get it right, all the time in the world.

Here's what entails a freakout in my life, for the moment. At dog class, Banksy missed her running dogwalk several times in a row. Major freakout, my head exploded.

Dog class is serious stuff. My classmates try out for the World Team. My teacher is the coach. We are in this to excel. That dogwalk is loud and bouncy, and I had a too far behind run at it up the hill, and I could hear each and every of her four, not five strides clattering and she missed the contact.

The world was ending.

She missed again later, on what should have been an easy run of it, and I had to work hard to extrude this out my ears and get out of my head and just pile back in the car and drive back over the mountain through the black.

There were dolphins at the beach in the morning. Three of them. While I'm throwing the ball I can see them doing their thing, coming up and going back down, over and over. They make an arc, the fin pops up, and if you're lucky and they dive, you see their tail make a vertical plunge straight down.

Top three news stories of the morning. One for each dolphin.

Barack Obama is solemn, not apologizing, because how could he know what was in Truman's head when he gave the greenlight to bomb Hiroshima, and Obama meets with the survivors. The thought is, something like this would never happen again, that this was a horrible thing for human history.

Woman gets lost on the Appalachian trail, she has a poor sense of direction and is found in her campsite just two miles from the trail, her remains wrapped in her sleeping bag, with a detailed journal entry of each day leading to her death. She was known to suffer from panic attacks, and had attempted to text her husband for help over and over, however there is no cel reception in the woods.

Body of a toddler in a casket, thought to be 145 years old found beneath a house in San Francisco, thought to be there from when a cemetery was relocated in the early 1900's to Coloma. All this time, she lay under the house, nobody knew she was there.

We will go work on that dogwalk again this morning. Rehearsing a behavior, trying to get it right.

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