20 March 2016

Santa Rosa USDAA for the weekend.

Banksy and Gustavo were very happy to run this weekend!

Gustavo doesn't get many runs. When he does, he is SO HAPPY! I sure do wish I had video. He ran so fast and kept a huge smile on his face. I was VERY proud of Gustavo. All good listening, and he even had a startline!

Banksy too. She was on her top behavior and held her startlines, ran to find her leash after every jump to bring it to me, had no freakouts, not a one. I think Banksy is growing up! Her and Gustavo held a conference and decided to have perfect fancy napking table manners this weekend. Many Qs except not that drat last Advanced Standard Q. There were little things in most runs. Her dogwalks were about like they are in practice right now, which is very work in progress after a recent setback. So dogwalk contacts were a thing. Some bars, a refusal in Masters Challenge Standard where I was just too far behind. Stuff like that.

But she was really good. I can not fault her for a thing. She was amazing. And she made some new border collie friends who like to play just like she does, very sweet that she has some gal pals. She needs more border collie friends to play with.



MC Standard

This was a smaller trial, actually the first small trial we've been to. We liked it! Got there in the afternoon, ran some runs, slept over, ran in the morning, drove home. The perfect schedule. The short day plan. I wish we could trial more, Banksy is made for this. Maybe someday, for now, we'll go when we can and hope they're always as fun as this.

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