06 March 2016

Hello from the Hellhole.

The way you get to the Hellhole is one of those pieces of local lore. It involves walking on a busy road, climbing two fences, crossing the creek and maybe crossing the creek again depending on how you go. Then you have to slide down the muddy slope by the rocks, and then there you have it. You either know how to get there or you don't.

The Hellhole. Don't look like much, but it goes a looooooong way into the earth and is creepy and slimy and dangerous as hell. Thus Hellhole. I don't go in there. I have been in there. It was creepy and slimy and dangerous and taught me a long time ago I'm no spelunker. I will wear a head flashlight but I'd rather stay out of the underworld.

Also you know what they say. Stay out of the Hellhole when it's been raining. The forest can getcha when it's wet. And it's been raining so much there's water in the creek with waterfalls and dangerous crossings. We all made it over each one but a few were dicey. Ruby had to stay at home for this adventure walk.

It's been a long while since it looked this this in the forest. Banksy is thrilled with the new development of actual running water in the creeks. She's never seen it since she's been alive and it's definitely her new favorite thing. Gustavo fell in the creek twice, and off a tree trunk once. He's a great hiking dog but no so much a great adventuring dog. The creek is deep in spots and running hard so he needs to not be falling in the creek because he's kind of a sissy swimmer. Poor Gooey. He tries. But he's just not an adventure dog.

Otterpop is pleased to see the water. She's still the top adventure dog. Even though I held her in my arms for one of the crossings. She knows where we're going and the best way to get there. And she knows to stay out of the Hellhole. She taught Banksy the way in today, passing down the secret paths to her. Someday it will be up to Banksy to know the way, so she can say hello from the Hellhole.

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Tammy Moody said...

The title of your post led me straight to Adele.