14 February 2016

Valentines Day, kind of a stupendous day.

Do you ever stay up all night? Like pull a genuine all nighter? It's a weird feeling, especially when you get up out of it and just get in the car to drive to a dog show on no sleep. Kind of surreal. Slightly blurry. Everything slowed down just enough to feel like the edge of a dream.

But it wasn't too bad. Maybe my handling suffered. I made some giant errors that resulted in bars. A scary tire before a really bad rdw. Wrong side of tunnel. No more no sleep. But Gooey won his jumpers in dreaded Turlock and Banksy had the best calm behavior she's ever had at a trial. She now straddles the worlds of both Masters and Advanced, those two Advanced Standard Qs may be hard to come by, but we'll get them someday.

The dog show, less than stupendous. Sorry about that, Banksy. But one stupendous day thing, it was like summer and we stopped at the beach on the way home from the dog show in the beautiful sunset. That was stupendous for sure. Causing many traffic jams the whole way home.

Then there were the puppies. Banksy now has 6 new brothers and sisters! They have a livestream website and everything. 5 boys and one girl. Watching the livestream is like watching Banksy tv, she's an identical clone of her mom. Congratulations to Prada on her puppies! We can't wait to watch them grow.

The other stupendous thing, the main cause for the all nighter, we are trying to buy a house. There is a good chance we won't get it. In these parts, everybody wants to buy the same house and there are bidding wars. Even for a cabin without real heat on top of a mountain, with 4 acres of forest that drops down a steep gulch. We would own redwood trees and be the stewards to a creek. And a lot of people want to buy it besides us. Hence the all nighter, crafting a plan of how to afford such a thing.

I won't say more. It's complicated and I don't want to jinx it, or feel too bad if we don't get the property. This has happened before, it's been a long time since we've tried this because of the heartbreak of losing property time and again to the highest bidder. But if it happened, one of the most stupendous things ever.

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fingers crossed from here in canada!