19 February 2016

Banksy's feeling better.

Banksy's bouncing back. She got sick on a Tuesday, still felt sick on a Wednesday, and by Thursday night was a border collie again. A border collie who's been sitting around for a couple days doing nothing. Bouncing off the walls Banksy was a sight for sore eyes.

No way to know what was wrong with her, her vet thinks her recovery was so swift and with minimal medication that if it was a vaccine reaction she should have been sicker longer. So it may remain a mystery what she had. She gets to go out and actually run around a little today, and we cross our fingers she stays fine and this never, ever happens again!

The house thing, not so much. Our fingers are crossed but it's sounding less happy than Banksy's recovery. Happy for somebody else probably, who has a much bigger bucket of money than us.

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