21 February 2016

Banksy's all better.

Photo by Channan Fosty

Banksy's all recovered from whatever it was that made her sick. It was scary and I hope it never happens again. She felt good enough to have a hike yesterday and a practice with her friends today. She ran fast. Fast enough to leave me in the dust and to never get the left side of the tunnel. We ran one of Tori's courses, one Holly called "medium hard."

Ha! Medium hard my ass. If that one's medium hard, I don't wanna see what Tori has up her sleeve for Holly's hard courses. I definitely felt like a handler who still needs 2 Advanced Standard Qs to move all the way to Masters. The Starters/Advanced ring is still our home.

But at least Banksy feels good as new. She's definitely never getting another leptospirosis vaccine, and makes me a bit nervous for when she'll be due for the others in a couple of years. I think that her reaction was worse even than Otterpop's worst reaction to her rabies shot a long time ago.

Banksy's all better, we're all better. The house went to somebody else who could pay WAY more than we could. Way. In cash. There's a house with a forest for us somewhere, but I'm thinking it may involve moving to a different state. So today I'm just trying to be grateful that Banksy's ok and grateful that we have a perfectly fine place to live right here. For now, nobody's going nowhere.

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Anonymous said...

The state that I recommend is Oregon. There are many good eggs in Oregon. Also, forests.