18 January 2016

It was a dark and stormy night.

Here is the last time we do a crazy like this.

Leave the house at 4am to drive to Santa Rosa playing only David Bowie only only only. Creepy stop at creepy rest stop with creepy people but I really had to pee. Get there for first run, Steeplechase at 7:30am on the dot. Rain rain rain for most of the day. Rain boots and mud and flood type rain. A lot of walks to and from the sheep barn where the dogs are sitting in the car for 16 hours until our last run at 8:00 in the pm. 12.5 hours of agility. Something like 14.5 miles worth of walking according to my robobracelet. And course building. And coffee from the coffee cart. Dark and wet and muddy and dark. Then off to Motel 6 where it's ok to let muddy dogs frolic on the 100 towels and sheets I brought along and where Banksy has finally made peace with the terror that was stepping into a motel room and just in time for Downton Abbey. Loud rain all night long.

Some of the good things, just a list:
Banksy wins Steeplechase, Gooey gets 2nd!
All good aframes! Mostly good rdw!
Many Qs in Advanced, Banksy is AD now and almost out of Advanced!
Banksy has less crazy behavior ringside!
Gooey says he loves Jumpers so much!
Banksy says she loves all the agilities so much!
We fixed biting my sleeve after a run when she can't find her leash!
No cops show up at Motel 6! No prostitutes hanging outside my door!

And some things to improve:
Startlines. The deterioration has happened.
The first day had sleeve biting when she couldn't find her leash.
And one time pants biting on some bad handling where she had to lay down and heel her ass straight out of Gamblers.
Teeter totters, a little creepy-divey.
Laying down on tables no fun.
Handling. As in, I need to handle a million times better.
Running faster. By me. Banksy's fine on this one.
Moving past the jump on a push to serpy thing.
Do not ever enter the first and last things in a day again on a big trial.
We are too tired to stay for final round of Steeplechase and drive home.

I tried to run Gooey in Grand Prix. Halfway through he looked at me in a panic. He loves Steeplechase. He loves Jumpers. All things out there all at the same time make him panic and that is it. He doesn't have to go to any Nationals. He can do his Steeplechase and do his Jumpers and run so fast and win. And never be scared again because there are weave poles in the same place as the teeter? Not sure why. Poor Gooey. He just kind of runs around in a frenzy til I run him out. He does his teeters beautifully, oddly enough. Whatever Gooey wants is fine by me.

Otterpop and Ruby come too. Of course they do. We're a team. They walk around some and enjoy a night out in a motel. And some nice walks around on Monday. And the long car trip home. And now we're going to sleep.


Unknown said...

A perfect description of a wild and crazy trial. And trip. And motel. And storm. I take it the motel fire alarm where you were didn't go off at 2:30am, for 20 minutes?
Always fun to see you!

team small dog said...

Mary I am going to stop doing crazy all day ones that have 7:30am and 8pm classes, will be more picky what I enter!
Maralise, this was our very best motel 6 of quietness ever!