04 January 2016

A couple days in LA, me and Otterpop.

Not a peep. She loves riding on planes.

Can you find Otterpop?

No way. Way.

Rusted hull, low tide.

The old crane.

No surf.

Locked up.

Vintage Malibu tile. We wish.

Free Coors lite, gonna rain.

The Bay, from the bottom, from the top.

Run aground.


Anonymous said...

It is fun to travel with just one dog.

team small dog said...

Traveling with Otterpop is like having a best buddy who can get shoved in a purse if need be, but who is still game to climb down a cliff to go visit a shipwreck. Or whatever it is that I want to do. Because she has no agenda other than mine. And likes all the same foods I do. Except for salads. So I bring her a baggie of dogfood for when I'm going to eat salad.