03 October 2015

It takes a village, Banksy's first USDAA trial.

How many agility people does it take to measure a little dog with a wicket? Try 2 judges, 6 friends, 4 measuring attempts and about 3lbs of the freeze dried organic turkey gizzards or whatever it was that Karla shoved down Banksy's gullet until Patron Saint of Super Patient Measuring Judges Bill got her measured. One seven point five. We are still in the 18" division.

That was stressful. That totally sucked. However, nothing else sucked about our day. Not the off course tunnel, the off course jump, or the 3 bars. Not my complete brain screwed on backwards handling in jumpers and snooker. All her contacts and poles, wonderful. All of her manners and focus and determination, perfect. Hiking back and forth to our Jetta Sportwagen diesel super polluter crate through rvs and canopies and practice jumps in the 90 degree sun, awesome! All my friends and new friends of the Starters Advanced Ring, so much fun!

We got a Pairs Q with her best frenemy Kirk. That was the best! So not stressful!

It's official. Banksy loves agility. Game on, we are so ready to roll!


Remy said...

Great run! Had to google what Pairs is, no such in Europe, sounds fun! And I'm glad there was no herding in the next ring this time.

oddman said...

Laughed like crazy at your 'super polluter' comment!!!

Way to go yay Bansky.

Kelly and Pruli said...

Pruli, Ben (and now a 13 yo Annie) and I also have the same super polluter! We tried to do the right thing-first brand spankin' new car of my life! I sure know how to chose them! Yeah for Banksy, yeah for you!!!! I cannot believe she is already all grown up and trialing! Annie has made us officially failed in the foster dog realm.

team small dog said...

Yes! My ultimate dog car has been emitting 40 times the allowable emissions for 100 thousand miles! This is a horrible current fact of our lives. 40x100000 is a whole lot of climate change particles out there from just us.

Laura said...

I feel your Jetta diesel pain. I hope the fix is soon in coming and doesn't change the performance of the car too much.