20 August 2015

The road not taken.

If you take the road less traveled, you might run smack, literally, into a drug dealer hiding his product in the bushes, wrapped carefully in a white plastic bag. He may pretend you're invisible. Which is cool, because you're all, invisible! He shuffles off on his bike, a crappy bike indeed. Except then when the other guy comes to get the drugs out of the bushes he realizes you're not invisible and it's just, awkward.

No matter how bad you want to go back and claim the bag, it's best to listen to the voice that says this is a poor choice. Not the voice that says, Go Get the Bag!

Then you got your private property. And your public property which is only public for the public who isn't dogs. This sometimes is very confusing, and for just in case, the best you can hope for is a misdemeanor of which you could just pay a fine from jolly big coffers and move on.

Or you just stay out of there. Unless it's a good fast running day for you, and you're willing to roll the dice.

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