13 August 2015

The face of painful chihuahua syndrome.

Otterpop's back is bad again. It's heartbreaking to see an Otterpop in pain. It's weird to have a quiet house with no barking, and without the constant movement of Otterpop, who's less still than a border collie around the house. I try to keep her activity level low, Otterpop is all about less since this has started happening. She spends a lot of time on a leash. Less run, less play, less hike, just a lot of less. Maybe one dash to a ball too many, a hop down the stairs, a run across the living room with a border collie, who knows. Drugs and crate and we'll see if she feels better in a few days.

Get well soon, Otterpop. It's a little bit creepy to have this much quiet. Everybody feels sad for Otterpop.

Gustavo not shown. He's sleeping in his closet.


Agility Foot said...

Pop looks miserable. Banksy looks like the kind of Rx that's needed.

team small dog said...

Banksy's actually in there with Ruby. I have 2 crates, and they're next to each other. Otterpop is miserable in one, Ruby has a nap in one and Banksy feels left out so she climbs in with Ruby. Ruby doesn't care as long as Banksy doesn't start rolling around because, SHE'S IN A SMALL CRATE! WOW! YAY! Gustavo just sits in the closet.
Otterpop feels a little better today. Poor Otterpop. Ouch.

Terry A said...

Glad she's feeling better. She's a unique character in all dogdom.

Agility Foot said...

Little black dog heads look similar to me. Sorry, Ruby.

Unknown said...

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