20 August 2015

Naturally, we're thrilled.

Gloomy, damp coolness is back.

Naturally, we're thrilled. Who DOESN'T wake up, look out to a thick gray mist glomming heavy in the morning and think, Yay for Us!

Some random facts for today shall include:

Banksy's thinking this stopping on the dogwalk business, pretty cool. I am thinking, this is a much better plan than the whole running like a goddamn freight train missile while I am floundering around somewhere way back there. She also has taken to dropping this shredded up old plastic ball that she LOVES behind pieces of furniture where it gets wedged in and hidden, then making sad monkey noises until a human with opposable thumbs and a long stick can get it out for her. Then she finds a new piece of furniture to hide it behind and commence sad monkey noises. Border collies are cool.

Gustavo puffs up like a toy fluffy bunny when he gets a bath and is so soft. Banksy and Otterpop like to stare at him when he gets a bath. They don't get baths. Only Gustavo. He is SO HAPPY to go to the beach and run in straight lines as fast as he can! He has stopped sitting in the closet all day and has moved back under the bed. Only Gustavo will ever understand, why Gustavo does what Gustavo does.

I was walking all the dogs down the street the other day and a lady with a box of groceries put it down to pet all the dogs. Well, all the dogs except for Otterpop. Don't pet the Otterpop. Gustavo wants the most petting. He leaned against her box for more petting. Then it looked so cozy inside there with the groceries he just wanted to get in and curl up for more petting. I wish I could carry Gustavo around in my pocket.

Otterpop feels great again and wow is our house loud. She's the only one that barks. She barks enough for everybody. A lot. All the time. This is just part of the joy that is having an Otterpop. There are so many other joys of having an Otterpop. Too many to list. Only Otterpop.

Ruby doesn't get to go to the beach. But sometimes I drive there and let her stay in the car with a really good chewy. This seems like an ok tradeoff for her. Ruby sleeps through a lot of things. But she still always wants to go along with everybody else. I wish Ruby could float along with me like a little balloon and I could tie her string to my pants and pull her along in the breeze. But she can't. It's good she loves chewies so much. We love Ruby. We wish she could do everything again.

See you at the beach.


Sobaka said...

I'd love to see a picture of Gustavo all fluffed up post-bath. Do you think Ruby would consent to being carried in one of those dog-carrying bags? I did that with my little guy when he got too old to get around easily.

team small dog said...

Someday I will have to do a photo shoot of Gustavo wet, where he looks like he weighs about 4lbs, to fluffy drying Gustavo, who looks like he weighs about 30lbs. He has some kind of magic, fluffy hair. Ruby has never liked being carried around. She used to like riding in a big basket on the back of my bike, but rode standing up most of the time. Maybe as she gets older we can figure something out for Ruby. She's the heaviest, it would be nice if she liked riding in my backpack, which Otterpop LOVES, but Ruby's always hated being folded up and placed inside things.