14 July 2015

I found us some sheep.

They are singing a lengthy, drawn out blues song about being drafted as sheep.

I figured out, no reason why we can't practice sheep things. Do little dogs count as sheep? The beach is our roundpen. We have LieDown when things need to stop moving. This skill works great with beach sheep. I always use it when it's time to put on leashes and go home, now we use it for more sheepy type things. Gustavo is more like a sheep than Otterpop, Otterpop actually caught on that someone was a sheep and someone wasn't, so I believe now that we may have only 1 sheep and 2 herders. But using Steady Steady Steady and LieDown, me and my herding dogs can change the tempo of beach running.

Or I can set some of the sheep on a LieDown in the middle of the circle, and me and Banksy do circle work around them. Then we change partners. So like a ring around the rosy circle work square dance herding practice. Does that make sense? Banksy has to take a sheep turn in this game. This is good for her. Sheep sit still in the middle of the circle and use patience. In my beach sheep world at least.

Please don't tell the dogs I'm using them as sheep.

I'm afraid to use Ruby as a sheep. That doesn't seem fair. She can't go to the beach anymore, anyways.

I haven't figured out how to do those sending round go bye circles yet, waving a piece of kelp. And then some of the time they all just run their straight lines up and down and up and down the beach. Nobody should have to be a sheep too much of the time. They're actually best at being dogs.

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