06 July 2015

Here we are at the dog show.

Here we are at the dog show, that's Sunday's Grand Prix run.

Oops, missed it. And Banksy had to miss everything. But Gustavo and Otterpop got to have a best day of beach walk at low tide in no sun, a little nap during brunch, then back up to the trains for another walk around the woods.

We did not tell Banksy. This is what a lot of Banksy's life has been looking like, although she is spending less time in the xpen because she's getting the idea that running and jumping is totally not cool for one more week. The cone has been on more because she's also decided she's ready for those stitches to be OUT. NOW.

She's laying here by my feet in a cone right now. She is most of the time being a pretty good patient. At this exact moment in time, model patient. Some of the time though, she's not, there are times of complete patient of rottenness. Hopefully the rotten goes away with the stitches and this will all be a funny story for the future. Dog birth control, not as easy as you think.

Banksy's life of no run no jump no play worked well for July 4 Weekend, the National Holiday of Loud Bombs by the Beach. We just sat in the living room most of the day with the stereo on and 2 loud fans. Gustavo did the best he's ever done, which isn't saying much, but at least he didn't have a seizure. He stayed in my lap and while terrified, I think having all the other dogs totally not care about the bursting in air and so forth, and the additional loud fans helped.

He also got to run in a dog show Saturday morning pre explosions. He was VERY excited about this and ran really, really fast. Way faster than I, and my whole handling strategy with Gustavo is stay way ahead at all times, so in standard there was right away a wrong side of the tunnel. Because I was definitely not way ahead at all times. There was a great teeter and table, always a bonus. Our new handling strategy also allowed him to do several extra obstacles of his own choice in gamblers for a plethora of opening points. He also did his very own gamble for the close.

I'm running a little better, but I would say the knee still has a ways to go. We'll try again later. It was fun to get out there and run, even if it was somewhat out of control.

Gustavo's friend Kirk carried the drinks in her little orange backpack on our walk. She also brought Banksy a big box of exotic chewies to chew on while cone wearing. We like to walk with our border collie friends. Their people have many good advices for border collie challenges. Banksy would have had a good time. Kirk, Brave and Banksy are all about the same age, and all such different dogs who see the world in different ways. Brave will be spending a year abroad learning to be Welsh. Kirk is probably going to have her MACH and ADCh by the time Banksy's ready to step into the show ring. Banksy and I will keep working on working on things! All the things.

Right now I'm happy she's quietly laying by my feet. All stitches intact. Good girl, Banksy.

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