07 April 2015

Otterpop via x-ray eyes.

Google images helped me splain what Otterpop's emergency doc reported to me on the phone the yesterday.

After showing her films to the Radiologist, he found two places in her spine, one up by her neck and one down by her tail, that were too squishy. The disc is smashy and this is probably what is hurting her back because smashy discs don't make nerves feel nice.

And her liver is very teensy tiny. Even for a teensy tiny Otterpop.

Otterpop would just like to come out of the crate. She can be carefully lifted on to the couch, and slowly walked a little ways up the block. She got to see the mail lady yesterday, who was also walking up the block and she still would like to BITE the mail lady. So this seems positive! The mail lady dropped our mail on the grass and took off. Even though Otterpop was on a leash, this much is hatred of the mail lady. She's a nice mail lady, Otterpop just no likey anyone to enter our property.

Otterpop also no likey to do anything slow, so this is not happy times for her. But I do think she seems less painful, so the drugs and rest are working. Please get well soon, Otterpop. We need you.


maryclover said...

Oooo Otterpop that is so very painful. Zane had the same condition for years. Tramadol, Gabapentin, Metacam, Methacarbamol, he took them all. Your mom is right. Rest helps a lot until your angry discs decide to just be sullen. And if you can find an acupuncturist that is a life saver. Sometimes just one or two sessions could keep Zane pain free and off the drugs for months. Sorry you are both going through this. :-(

Elf said...

Oh, I hate it when this happens to my dogs. Dang spine. Tell Otterpop that I can totally sympathize as I have even more spaces that are two sizes too small. But at least I understand what's happening to me and why the treatment is necessary. Sorry, Otterpop, hope you feel better soon and can go fast again.

Terry A said...

tell otterpop very strong voodoo poodle magic being sent her awesome way. heal that sucker!!