15 April 2015

Because death, taxes, and this.

Here is a list of things you might see if you have all 4 dogs, and you are in the narrow alley, and one of the dogs is pooping:

The skateboarder guy going by with the fast running pitbull pulling him.
Uh oh, look out, here comes the asshat barking shihtzu attached to the tiny grandma's walker.
Oh, and here comes the homeless guy with the 1980's boombox blasting from the top of his stuff!
And that would be a cat.
Coming up from behind is the street washing truck, right up to the edge of the alley. They need to get that edge REALLY clean.
The wild boxer with his balls is also loose again.

It is inevitable. Hang on tight. Cuz ain't nothin' you can do about it right now.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the motorcycle with the nonexistent muffler.

Anonymous said...