05 January 2015

Where we go and what we do.

I had no intentions of becoming good at making videos. This whole video thing just kind of happened. Now that I've learned how, my computer is sick and tired and full. Computerized dog agility, young dog and old computer.

This is kind of the whole deal right now. I am obsessed. Banksy says MORE MORE MORE! If she could do agility every minute, I think I'd have a very happy dog. We actually don't get to do a lot, so every second counts!

We're very lucky to have our training pals. Kathleen has an amazing facility, without it we would have no agility as we've no garden and Banksy's far outgrown our little spot at work. How did I do this before with the other dogs? We're hoping our puppies keep progressing together and we can keep raising our dogwalk heights together. Channan drives an hour for our practices, me about 30 minutes. It's hard to find the whens. But when we have one, we're there. Channan has the really good video and the best ideas.

All I bring to the table is the puppy that has to sit behind the bush.  I am lucky to have such good puppy friends.

Running contact class is starting tomorrow.  Yikes. This is going to be interesting. Banksy is a way faster runner than me, and I'm not sure a running dogwalk was such a good idea. But we're having so much fun training it, how could I stop?

We haven't done much with poles, just fly through open channels with a ball. In a couple of months, the real weave pole training can start. Another yikes. Teeter has just been getting a fast drive and the beginnings of a crouchy slide. We're training a stop on a box right now and then we'll mashup the 2 together eventually.

The agility takes a short time. The planning and the videos, a long time. The watching of videos and deciding where to go and when and what to do, watching the friends do it, the friends here and the new ones in the internet, a lot! A lot of time!

Here's where I've been and what I've been doing.


Kelly and Pruli said...

Banksy looks AWESOME and so fast!!!!! Whoo hoo she is the best fitness partner a girl could ever want!!! In my opinion you already ARE doing real weave pole training! Having taken foundations with Silvia 3 times I would say go ahead and do every crazy entry you can think of NOW while the poles are open-it will pay off dividends in the future. :) Living vicariously through you-too much snow and ice in Maine for training outside right now.

Unknown said...

Tizzy never gets enough either. She could train all day!!

Anonymous said...

Banksy is so exciting that Beatrice had to knock the computer off the table. Naughty Beatrice. Fancy Banksy.