29 January 2015

Team Small Dog's way of just sayin' hola.

Well, good morning. Have you remembered to focus on what you DO have today, and eaten enough dark leafy greens? Did you just say not to the donut and shove a handful of glucosamine tabs down your swallow? Slather your skin with horse lotion, strap on a prosthetic device then send the dogs for a run around a wet field? Wet from the dew, not rain, as the drought has come home and there are toxic pollens and mushrooms floating around in the breeze.

Charlie Hebdo has come and gone. Banksy is still a girl. Take the time to review a load of criminal cases, reading every section carefully and mindfully. Then load on a disco playlist and just try not to dance. I dare you. Even when the rave music comes on and you didn't bring a lightstick. There's no beat when the rave music starts. You're supposed to just follow along. Don't make any noise because the dogs are still asleep. All of them.

I went to home depot and bought a roll of fake grass. The old skool kind, cheap astroturf made in China, near the river colored red with thick toxic goo. I went to bed early and I got up early. I saw that Sly Stone was living in a van. I watched a documentary about sink holes. About how they form deep underneath in the limestone. They soak up all the water, through every single crack and fissure. They start with a little hole and they start sucking in the dirt above. Especially the clay. They suck it down and from up above, you would never ever know this. And then one day, every single thing above the hole gets sucked down in and they never recovered the body or the bed it was sleeping in. And a bulldozer comes and tears down the structure and a fence is erected and it stays like that forever. Everybody moves on, and goes somewhere new. Good morning!


Channan said...
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Channan said...

Love the sunset photo!

I want to see some Hebdo-ish TSD drawings.