31 December 2014

This year, we dunno, so we are going to go to sleep.

We could only think of 7 things to be a top ten of 2014. Sleater-Kinney was one of them. Is that so bad? That we couldn't even count all the way to 10? And one of our things was recycled from the 90's? Maybe tomorrow we can count higher and fresher and newer, when 2015 comes scampering in and we've taken a holiday from work.

Ruby proved to us that we're all still alive. That's a pretty big deal, just to make it one more year.

Otterpop says, SCREW YOU, old year. Although she's looking at the new year the exact same way.

Gustavo is all, Yay! Hola! Yikes. Fireworks. Then he's under the bed. That's how he greets every new year at midnight, shaking like a leaf. It's cool. Because he'll be our leader in the forest when he wakes up.

Banksy was born in 2014. 2015 is a big year for her, a lot of first times for a lot of things. She celebrated tonight by laying quietly on a rug when I ate dinner.

See you in 2015. xox, yer pal, laura & teamsmalldog.

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