24 November 2014

Big fluffy weirdo.

Banksy is a big fluffy weirdo. That photo says it all. She is a crazy goofball. You turn on her serious side, and my god, the intensity. A very intense work ethic that can go to a darkside of manic obsession, aka I drag my puppy away sometimes. But when she's off duty, it's just all floppy, furry, flippy, floppy unicorn loving, princess dress chompin' love muffin.

So yes. We do this a lot. Darkness be damned. We do go down to the beach in the dark, I figure, what the hell. Nothing to run into. No wild beach animals to eat us. You can't see the sandy wetness climbing into the car so much in the dark. So there's enough running. Just running in the dark. Never with scissors.

Otterpop is the weak link of our family is what I've figured out. She does not always have privileges anymore. She does get to go everywhere with me, the evil one is my sidekick and when she's being a sidekick, no evilness. Sometimes she does some agility. My god. Her agility. It only gets better. Maybe she can do gamblers in a trial again someday. We will do the whole course as a gamble and I'll sit in a chair. She mostly just wants to ride on the tractor. I let her do this. Everybody needs an evil sidekick.

Gooey is just a good dog all the time. Him and Ruby, I feel a little bad for sometimes. They're just so good and easy. So sometimes they get forgot about. Otterpop is DEMANDING and Banksy is LEARNING and Gustavo and Ruby are sitting there on the couch hoping they get to do something nice today. Gooey comes out and does some agility and he knocks it out of the park. Yet sometimes can't get across the ring at a trial. We have a great time playing Slovenians in class though.

This kiddo. Wow. Just wow. When she's being wow, wow. Yeah, there's still weird staring some of the time. And when she goes over threshold of over the top, happy white Jesus's birthday. She gets dragged out to the car. I try to shove a toy in that mouth like a cork but it only works some of the time. It's just at agility. Because she LOVES the agility TOO much of NO CONTROL. We work on this a lot. It's embarrassing and what good is an agility dog who can't go to agility because she has on naughty pants all over her head? Have I mentioned we work on this a lot? A lot.

I am currently in contact quandry land. So I'm teaching the basics of running dogwalk, slowly, since I don't have a good way to this in the comfort of my own home. And working on a blazing nose touch on little boxes and stuff. I am head in the sand procrastinating what to do with contacts. A long, flat grass patch of my own and my own dogwalk would make this an easier decision. So for now we just waffle around in contactless limbo. She is only 9 months. There is time. We are having fun! Very, very much fun. Currently I'm answering all my questions with, What Would Silvia Do? And off we go.


Terry A said...

looking GREAT!!!

Kelly and Pruli said...

She is adorable and you two look FANTASTIC!!!